A Pinterest Inspired Biscoff Filled Chocolate Cup

3 Apr

Pinterest has cost me money!!!!  Let me explain.  My husband I are creatures of habit.  Each evening, after we tuck the kiddos into bed we race to our prospective spots on the couch!  My husband grabs the remote, I grab my iPad.  He watches the Golf Channel, I scroll through Pinterest.  I love it!  Pinterest is a feast for my eyes!  It’s highly addictive however.  My favorite things to pin are recipes, anything kid related and ideas for the home.


I must come clean and tell you I am not a crafty person.  I am the antithesis of crafty!  I’m the kind of person who gets glue every where, cuts unevenly, makes ovals instead of circles and is just plain messy!  I like the idea of crafts, however, so I continue to make the effort.  Pinterest has inspired me to try things I never knew existed!  I’ve transferred pictures onto canvases, blow dryed crayons so they’d make cool splatter patterns, made framed button initials for both my daughters.  I even thought of a way to turn paint chips into art!  See, this is where Pinterest is really draining my wallet.  I’ve made numerous trips to Michaels clutching my 40% off coupon.  If I’m gonna spend the money I may as well be thrifty right?  I’ve gone in so many times, the cashier actually said “boy you come in here a lot”.  I was a little embarrassed by that comment.  So, I vowed I would not go back to Michaels….when she is working.   While I can’t say my art work is perfect, they really don’t look like the pictures on my Pinterest boards, I am extremely happy with them.  They were made with my own two hands.  These have been projects I’ve been able to do with my kids.  We are all able to take ownership of our new art.   I am more confident and quite frankly almost cocky about my new-found ability.  Who knows, I may even start scrapbooking!  I will most certainly have to become friends with the sales lady at Michaels.


In the spirit of Pinterest as my inspiration, I’ve created Biscoff Chocolate Cups.  I’ve seen wonderfully, delicious looking pictures of peanut butter cups lately, I thought I would make my own, but with a twist.  I hope you enjoy and that you too may find inspiration!



Biscoff Filled Chocolate Cups


1 cup Biscoff cookie spread

1/4 cup butter, softened.

1 cup powdered sugar

1 tsp salt

24 oz.white chocolate chips

24 oz semi sweet chocolate

In a bowl, combine cookie spread, softened butter, powdered sugar and salt.  Stir until well combined.

In a separate bowl, microwave white chocolate chips, until completely melted.  Line a mini muffin tin with cupcake wrappers.  Drop a teaspoon of chocolate onto each wrapper.  Place a small scoop of your Biscoff mixture onto the chocolate.  I found  rolling the Biscoff dough into balls was a little easier.  Top Biscoff mixture, or balls, with enough chocolate to cover completely.  Continue until all your white chocolate cups are finished.  Repeat this process with the your semi sweet chocolate.  You should be able to get 48 cups total.  Refrigerate until set.








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